1. I ended up walking the upwards of three miles home today in a roundabout way. First off to Tryst to read a bit and enjoy a beer, then up and around through Mount Pleasant, where I ended up buying Korean take-out that’s way more delicious than you’d imagine, before heading the rest of the way back through Columbia Heights and Petworth. It was a good and necessary walk. The coworker trivia I and a couple others have tried to put together fell apart tonight, and I can’t stand spending all night in the skeleton of my old room. Once I move to Columbia Heights, I’m tempted to walk every day. 

  2. And yes, this does make me want to go there.

  3. Took all my posters and other decorative items down tonight—amazing and scary how dead this space has become and how fast. I’ve been a little too used to it the last three years I’ve lived here. This has been a productive weekend as far as getting stuff over to the new place. “Went down to do laundry and had to exert great will power not to shamelessly pillage your great collection of books!” one of the soon-to-be-roommates texted me this morning. 

    One week left before the official move. I think next Sunday morning’s when I’m moving over the big-ticket items like the bedframe, mini-fridge, etc. 

  4. This Week: April 21st-April 25th


    Wednesday: I need to see Floating Worlds at Studio Gallery before the exhibition ends on next Saturday the 26th. The gallery is open Wed-Fri until 7 p.m. Check it out here: http://www.studiogallerydc.com/current.shtml

    Considering I actually work in Dupont, I should probably make it to Studio Gallery… This may have actually inspired me to go check some of this out—there’s some cool stuff lined up, from the look of the website. 

  5. Successes: moved six boxes of books plus my printer, keurig, ironing board, winter coat, and other miscellaneous items over to the new house tonight, with more to follow tomorrow. Also, gorgeous out. 

    Not bad considering last night ended up being one of those nights where you don’t want to cut it off. The War on Drugs played a marathon set till nearly 1 a.m. to close out their tour, then a friend and I wandered over to Saloon for a drink, closing it out, then wandered over to the Gibson, closing it out, then realized everywhere else was closed, and wandered around U St for a few blocks before cabbing away to our respective places, finally getting back a bit before 4. 

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    The War on Drugs at 930

    The War on Drugs at 930

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    Vastly underestimated the number of boxes I’ll need to move my books to the new place

    Vastly underestimated the number of boxes I’ll need to move my books to the new place

  8. Sex in restrooms is, after all, a fact of restaurant life. And while D.C. may have a reputation as a buttoned-up town, restaurant and bar owners know better. “They’re buttoned-up, except when they’re in the bathroom having sex,” says Derek Brown, who owns several bars, including The Passenger and Mockingbird Hill. “I think there’s a lot of it.” He speculates that D.C. has a lot of people with a lot of stress, and, you know, what better way to relieve it?
    — Why restaurants and bars should reinforce their bathroom sinks
  9. How is it only Tuesday night? 

    NYC was a perfect breath of oxygen. A solid handful of friends, various bars at all hours, a big themed supper club I was able to attend, etc. This week back is busy and a rude awakening by comparison though. I think this coming weekend I’ll be camping in a Maryland tree house, at least. And tomorrow should be a blur, given the Senate oversight hearing of the Comcast-Time Warner Cable deal first thing in the morning. 

  10. I visited three or so potential places to live in the last couple days and have three—yes, three—other visits all scheduled for tomorrow night. The latest prospect from tonight is living with two women in their earlier 20s in Adams Morgan. They seemed pretty down when talking to them earlier. Downside: owning a car there, coin-operated laundry, no dishwasher. But lots of pros. 

    Oh well. Escaping to Brooklyn Thursday night for the weekend, in any case.